Introducing Morville, the home of beachwear. Launched in 2018, we have created a lifestyle brand inspired by the yearning for summer and an iconic fabric with a story to tell.




We could all do with a little more seersucker in our lives. The fabric itself has a rich and varied history, and we hear you crying out for its etymology. Well, It’s thought that the name ‘seersucker’ derives from the Persian shir o shakkar, meaning ‘milk and sugar’, referring to its iconic striped appearance. In the first half of the twentieth century, the material was pioneered in USA’s South by Joseph Haspel Sr., who originally used the cooling fabric to make overalls for Lousiana factory workers. To prove the versatility of the fabric, Haspel Sr. famously went swimming in a seersucker suit, hung it up to dry in his bathroom and proceeded to wear it again for a banquet that evening. 

This is where Morville Originals come in, our flagship swim shorts and the start of the journey.

We’ve turned seersucker on its head, developing a bespoke polycotton blend that makes them the perfect choice for summer. With all the soft, breezy feel of puckered cotton and the quick-drying versatility of polyester, Originals have got you covered - both in and out of the water. Just putting on a pair feels like curling your toes into sand.



Stories by the Sea

At Morville, you're never more than five minutes from the ocean. Launching soon, Stories by the Sea will explore the age-old narrative of our relationship with the big blue and the individuals involved. Stay tuned, it's something not to be missed.