The Morville Story

Launched in 2018, we have created a lifestyle brand inspired by the yearning for summer and an iconic fabric with a story to tell.

Enter Morville Originals, our utterly unique seersucker swim shorts that embrace a timeless pillar of any summer wardrobe - stripes. Moving away from the omnipresent printed swim shorts, we are constantly striving to develop the perfect balance between durability and authenticity, making our shorts ideal for every occasion. Discover the power of the pucker using the timeline below.

At Morville, you're never more than five minutes from the ocean, and it is this intricate relationship between us and the sea that we strive to explore. Our upcoming film series Stories by the Sea looks into the age-old love affair we have with the big blue, so stay tuned.

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Seersucker's story is a real blockbuster.

Its roots go back as far as the 1600s, when the East India Company used to trade it out of India. The name 'seersucker' is an anglicisation of its original Persian name, 'shir o shakka', meaning 'milk and sugar', thought to derive from its iconic puckered stripes that are created using a slack-weave tension. 


Seersucker begins to thrive.

Its unique puckered texture allows airs to flow between your skin and the fabric, keeping you cool and breezy in warmer climates. For this reason, seersucker saw its popularity surge during the British colonial period in places such as India. Pictured here is Market Road in Bombay during the 1870s.


Enter the folklore of Joseph Haspel Sr.

By this time, the fabric has made its way across the pond and was a favourite amongst the working class of USA's southern states, primarily as workwear to cope with the heat. In 1909, Joseph Haspel Sr. decided to make seersucker suits. To prove his innovation's versatility, he famously waded fully-clothed into the Atlantic, telling onlookers his “wash suit” would dry in fifteen minutes and be ready to wear to a banquet that evening. They scoffed, but his claim proved true, and seersucker went on to become the South’s warm-weather wonder.


Morville begins to take shape.

We forward a cool one hundred years to where the story comes full circle. New to the marvels of seersucker, Morville's founder, Ben Stevens, trawled Mumbai's enormous fabric market in search of a material that could adequately serve the demands of swimwear whilst keeping seersucker's integrity intact. Coming up empty-handed, he sourced a mill in Bangalore that was able to weave a bespoke blend, and Morville's seersucker has been custom-made to our demands ever since. 


Morville Originals are born.

Our 2018 collection featured two colourways in a classic drawstring style, and so produced a new look during the summer to rival popular patterned swim shorts. 


Introducing our summer collection, seersucker at its best.

We've taken our seersucker to the next level, weaving our softest and most versatile fabric yet. New colours and styles keep things fresh, so kick back and feel the power of the pucker.